Hang Out & Sleep

The charming sound of a parquet floor under your feet, or fine exposed concrete combined with the touch of wood?

Basel's summer swimming hot spot right outside the door, or just a five-minute walk to the arts?

You get both when you stay with us.

Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel

Not far from the Basel Art Museum stands this architectural jewel of warm exposed concrete, a range of lovely colors and high-quality selected materials.


Hotel Krafft...

The Grande Dame of the Krafft Group is located in the heart of Basel’s old town, direct on the banks of the Rhine, and will give you a warm and friendly welcome.


...and the Residence

Be right where the action is instead of on the fringe in the Consum Residence - individually furnished rooms with Vitra design classics allow friends and family to become part of the lively Rheingasse