About us

Basel is the heart and soul of our organization. In our capacity as an operator of hotels and restaurants, as well as that of a team colleague and partner, we are part of the local community, offering places where people can go out to enjoy and celebrate life. Full of passion and curiosity, we are committed to creating places where people can get together in an environment that is both relaxing and stimulating.


Quality, individuality and authenticity are our focus, and they shape our daily interaction. Our passion for the hotel and restaurant industry gives us a burning desire for innovation, and as an employer we cultivate a personal relationship with you.

Mission Statement


It all started with the dream of a Basel schoolboy and the takeover years later of the Hotel Krafft. From this beginning, a mixture of individually designed enterprises emerged. After Krafft Basel came Consum, Volta Bräu and Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel.




"It's fun to be headstrong."

Hermann Hesse

You + We = Match?

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Our venues

Colorful and diverse meeting places for you, your loved ones and us, to enjoy inspiring encounters and personal experiences together.